Our Staff

Staff 2020 - 2021

Leadership Team:

Principal - Mme Pam Gravelle     Email:  pamgr@eics.ab.ca
Assistant Principal - Mrs. Sandy Weller     Email:  sandyw@eics.ab.ca


Kindergarten - Mrs. Caitlin MacLean     Email:  caitlinm@eics.ab.ca
Grade 1MW -  Mrs. Melanie Martinez     Email:  melanie.martinez@eics.ab.ca
Grade 1&2M - Miss Nicola Miller     Email:  nicola.miller@eics.ab.ca
Grade 2C - Ms. Nicole Cyca     Email:  nicolec@eics.ab.ca
Grade 3MK - Mrs. Marianna Kowal     Email:  marianna.kowal@eics.ab.ca
Grade 3SK - Ms. Stanna Kelava     Email:  stanna.kelava@eics.ab.ca
Grade 4E - Mrs. Natalie Earle     Email:  nataliee@eics.ab.ca
Grade 4P - Mr. Richard Persaud     Email:  richard.persaud@eics.ab.ca
French/Second Language Specialist - Mme Pamela Gravelle
Music/Drama Specialist - Mrs. Donamarie Lukie     Email:  donamarie.lukie@eics.ab.ca
Collaborative Response Coordinator - Mrs. Tara Kucy     Email:  tarak@eics.ab.ca
Family Wellness Worker - Mrs. Eleanor Heesing     Email:  eleanor.heesing@eics.ab.ca
Chaplains:  Mrs. Sandy Weller & Mrs. Donamarie Lukie

Support Staff:

Secretary - Mrs. Susan Desaulniers     Email:  susan.desaulniers@eics.ab.ca
Librarian - Mrs. May-Lee Buban     Email:  may-leeb@eics.ab.ca
Educational Assistants 
Ms. Liane Gingras
Mrs. Kim Liber
Ms. Barbara VanEngelen
Miss Chelsea Visser


Head Caretaker - Ms. Connie Gordon
Evening Custodian - Mr. Roger Limon

District Emergency

EICS Schools Transition to Online Learning

EICS schools will be moving to online learning beginning Monday, May 10th. If you have specific questions, please contact the school office. Take care and stay well.