EICS Transportation

EICS Transportation

Elk Island Public Schools and Elk Island Catholic Schools are expanding their cooperative student transportation agreement. This will help reduce the impact of higher insurance and fuel costs, increase direct busing for students where feasible, reduce carbon footprint and address capacity issues for both divisions. The expanded partnership is good news for both EIPS and EICS, as student transportation represents a significant expense for Alberta Education and school divisions.  

Elk Island Public Schools will be sending out tentative schedules and invoices for students currently riding a bus in Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas. If you are not currently on a bus, but wish to register for busing for the 22-23 school year, please contact EIPS Student Transportation directly at st@eips.ca or 780-417-8151.

For Assistance from EICS Transportation, please phone:  780-449-6480 

The EICS BusPlanner App

Elk Island Catholic School (EICS) Transportation is pleased to share with the EICS community that there is now increased awareness for parents and guardians regarding EICS bus arrivals and possible delays through our transportation software program BusPlanner. This new app will allow parents and caregivers to see the details of current routes, stops and transfers relating to their children on EICS transportation.

With this new system, parents now gain access to the following:

  • The BusPlanner Parent Portal, located here ​https://eics.mybusplanner.ca/Default.aspx​,
    which allows parents to view details of the routes, stops and transfers relating to their child.
  • The BusPlanner Notification system sends email alerts to ​parents​ triggered by issues that impact transportation on a route by route or school by school basis.
  • The BusPlanner Delays app can be installed by  both ​parents and students​ on a mobile (hand-held) device and allows them to subscribe to and receive BusPlanner notifications through push notifications.

Using the BusPlanner Delays App

Using the BusPlanner Website