Welcome to the Parent Council Homepage!

Parents are encouraged to be involved in the PSC throughout the year. Please contact Gaylene Dannish at dannish1@live.com if you would like to be involved or learn more about what the PSC does here at OLA.  

Next Meeting Date: Coming soon

Minutes from the previous meeting --> Click Here

The Parent School Council appreciates the support for our annual fundraisers:

Student Union Ticket Packs - September
Mundare Sausage - November / May
Purdy's Chocolates - March / April

Last year our major support was for fieldtrip transportation costs $5000. Any ideas for 2015-16?

Chair Person (President): Gaylene Dannish

Vice President: Stacey Walker

Treasurer: Laura Sjogren

Secretary: Sheri McCoy


EICS TALKS ...  Public Consultation - Programming and Age of Entry!


Join the Conversation about Programming in EICS - Thoughtstream Step 2 is Open

To participate, please click on the link here:    http://thotstr.ca/eics/WPz