School Council

School Council

Your 2020-2021 OLA School Council Executive:

Chair: Heather Sprackin
Vice-Chair: Sam LeDrew
Treasurer: Crystal Breault
Secretary: Terra Slaby

Huge thanks to these leaders who are willing to share their time and talents with our awesome OLA Catholic School community.

3rd Annual Poinsettia Sale 2020


Nothing symbolizes Christmas like a beautiful Poinsettia, Christmas planter, or wreath in your home, office, or as a gift. We are excited to offer the usual options plus new ones!


  • 6.5” pot poinsettias in red, pink or white
    Approximate plant height: 14-16" & width: 12-16" 
  • Holiday tropical planters
    Containers vary. Approximate plant height: 10-12" by 4-8"
    Includes four different tropical plants as well as a novelty pick or pinecone
  • Hanging greenery
    28-31” tall and 4-8” wide
  • Wreaths
    Approx. 22" diameter
  • Outdoor greenery arrangement
    30-36" & width: 16-20"

Ordering and payment:
To follow all Covid protocols and limit the handling of returned paper forms and money, we have set up ordering and payment through a secure fundraising website:

If absolutely necessary, cash can be sent to the office with your child. If paying by cash please include the name on the order, and the total cost on a piece of paper with the cash so we can enter the payment on the website.

Cash payment due:  Tuesday, November 17th (to allow time to process and input.)
Online payment due:  Wednesday, November 18th.

Pick up Thursday, December 3rd

Pick up will be Thursday, December 3rd at the gym doors (doors directly to the right of the main doors) to avoid interaction with the students to ensure their safety.

10-minute time slots have been set up on the website to select from when you place your order.  When you arrive if there are other people at the door please keep your distance until they have left.

Please remember the plants are vulnerable to cold temperatures and will require water so they must be picked up on time.  If you cannot make it please arrange for someone else to pick up for you.

Funds raised will go towards our Library and Literacy budget, which includes new books and supplies for the library, Mathletics site subscription fees, and more.

As usual, we ask that you share this with your friends and family to help us reach our goal. Buttons on the ordering website make sharing via FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or email easy!

For any questions or concerns please email

We thank you for your continued support and God’s Blessings this holiday season.

OLA School Council

Hot Lunch

Your OLA School Council will not be offering a Hot Lunch Program for now.

Milk Program

We are grateful to the parent volunteers who offered the milk program at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School. 

Your OLA School Council has decided that, for now, there will be no milk program during the fall months.  

OLA SC Milk Program Committee

Playground Update

For anyone new to our Fort Saskatchewan Catholic schools, we are four Catholic schools that have been restructured from three Catholic schools upon the completion of a new Catholic high school.  Within the restructuring process we have the following changes:

  1. St. John XXIII (SJXXIII) (grades K-4) has half the number of students as half of the students were reallocated to OLA.
  2. Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) has changed from a middle school (grades 5-8) into an elementary school (grades K-4).
  3. St. John Paul II (JPII) has changed from a high school (grades 9-12) into a middle school (grades 5-8).
  4. St. Andre Bessette (SAB) is a new build for a high school (grades 9-12).

These changes were much needed, but have resulted in the playgrounds, equipment and outdoor spaces being inappropriate or non-existent for three of the four schools.  We are left with the current problems that need remedying:

  1. OLA (grades K-4): has 30-year-old playground equipment more appropriate for a middle school
  2. JPII (grades 5-8):  does not have any playground or outdoor play structures since it had been a high school
  3. JPII (grades 5-8):  we will need to remove half of the parking lot to make room for an outdoor play structure
  4. SAB (grades 9-12):  does not have any outdoor gathering spaces and needs benches or picnic tables
  5. SJXXIII (grades K-4):  due to school enrollment at full capacity for so long, the playground is worn.  They just received a bill for $40,000 to replace a broken play structure.

We are applying for grants and fundraising to replace old playgrounds and to build new ones where needed.  We are fundraising as one community as we see our Catholic schools as one family, with close connections with each other.  We plan on raising these funds together, and together building outdoor spaces adequate for all our Catholic schools.  As ambitious as it sounds, we would like to complete our fundraising within 18 months.