Grade 4 Leadership: Servant Leadership Squad

At OLA, we believe that students need the opportunity to feel like a leader. We have the unique opportunity to nurture leadership skills at the elementary level where each student can identify with themselves as a leader with strengths and skills to serve. 

Each of our grade 4 students are invited and encouraged to join our STJXXIII Servant Leadership Squads. Each team takes on leadership opportunities within our school community. They are an integral part of our Monday assemblies. Throughout the year, these leaders will embrace opportunities to lead and serve and truly connect with what it feels like to be a leader. 

"But among you it will be different, whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant." Matthew 20:26

High School Mentorship Program

In partnership with St. André Bessette teachers and students, some of our OLA students are paired up with a high school peer mentor to enhance their learning experience for half of the year. This Peer Mentor opportunity is a program offered at the high school where students can earn credits for being a mentor. Training, ongoing support and monitoring are important elements for the high school students. Course components align with the mentorship expectations from Alberta Education. "Mentoring relationships are a natural and supported opportunity for both the mentor and mentee to enhance their social-emotional learning" (Alberta Education, 2018). 

Mr. Sean Reader is the coordinating teacher from St. André Bessette. Mr. Reader and Mrs. Yuzdepski work closely to plan and support effective and positive relationships between our high school mentors and elementary mentees. Physical Literacy, Social skill building, Numeracy/Literacy, and building positive connections will be the focus.